Some call it road rage, others will call it justified. Either way, if you're the driver going slow, this is what happens in the car behind you.

We all have places to be, and we don't ask for much. There are speed limits on the road, for the most part, we will be happy if they are followed. What makes it even worse is if you're on a two-lane road. In that instance, you have to just hope for the road to open up to passing. You desperately want to see a dotted line. It never comes. It is maddening.

Here Is What A Slow Driver Should Do


If you're noticing someone coming up behind you, move over at the first safe moment. Look, it is about sharing the road when it comes down to it. Nobody is looking to cause an accident, and some people might feel safer going a touch slower. On a multi-lane road, that actually is the purpose. Traffic can flow better when the slower traffic stays to the right, except in the instance of passing.

It would be all fine and good if multi-lane roads actually worked this way, but we know they don't. Inevitably we get stuck behind slow drivers and make odd faces in the car.

There Are Of Course Reasons To Take It Slow

Concept of bad weather and dangerous on the road in winter

We certainly know a thing or two about the weather in Central New York, if it's a little slick just slow on down. For the most part, none of the emotions pictured below happen in a snow storm.

Which Driver Are You?

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If you're trying to get where you have to go fast, you're definitely the person getting mad and praying the driver in front will move. On the flip side, maybe you're a two hands on the wheel and take it slow type of driver, that's okay too. Below is what the person behind you goes through.

11 Pictures Showing What Its Like To Be Stuck Behind A Slow Driver

It happens every day to some unlucky New Yorkers, all.. the.. time. It doesn't have to be on a highway, in fact, many times it isn't. Regardless, this is what it feels like, and you know you can relate.

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