*Trigger Warning

This story contains details about animal abuse that some may find disturbing in nature, please be advised.

This story breaks my heart on so many levels - and we only hope that the rescued animals go on to live happy, playful lives and that those who are accused of this gross negligence get the justice they deserve.

"Deputies went to the property earlier this month and found 10 Shih Tzu breed dogs, three goats and several cats. About two dozen cats were unable to be retrieved and will be trapped later, according to the sheriff’s office.
Two dead goats were also found on the property, police said."  ScamLifeGuardNews

According to a report from CBS 6 Albany, "dozens of animals have been found in what investigators describe as "deplorable conditions" at a property on route 349 in Mayfield in Fulton County."

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Even worse, according to multiple reports, this is the second time that authorities have confiscated hoards of animals from this exact location.  CBS 6 says that back in 2011, hundreds of animals, "including dogs, horses, and goats were removed back in July of 2011."

This time around, it was just as bad.  49 dogs suffering from a variety of ailments were rescued at the scene - one was dead.  And according to CBS 6, they rescued goats "suffering from worms and bloated bellies" as well as rabbits.

The two individuals, Harvey L. Martz II and Laurie S. Murray from Herkimer were each charged with 10 counts of overdriving, torturing, and injuring animals according to ScamLifeGuardNews.com.

Photo: Scamlifeguard News
Harvey L. Martz II and Laurie S. Murray face charges of deplorable animal abuse in Fulton County

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