The T.E.A.L. Walk is a special event that raises awareness and money in the fight against a cause we don't hear a lot about - Ovarian cancer.

Saturday morning, a great group of people came out to the Whitestown Town Park to show their support for the "T.E.A.L. Walk" - Which stands for "Tell Every Amazing Lady." It's a very important fundraising walk that raises awareness for ovarian cancer.

Before the walk started, a special ceremony was held for the ovarian cancer survivors that participated in the walk. They were given a flower - symbolizing hope, and a balloon that they each released at the same time. It was a very heartfelt moment that could bring tears to anyone's eyes.

Ovarian cancer isn't something that gets a lot of attention - It's not something people know a lot about. The walk is about changing that - It's about showing the signs and the symptoms of the disease, being around survivors of the cancer, and raising money to fight it.

This year's T.E.A.L. Walk was even bigger than last year, and it's sure to grow with each year that follows. Just check out some of the pictures of this year's amazing event, in the photo gallery below:

A goal of $6,000 was set for the walk, and it was more than made. As of Saturday morning, $9,946 had been raised.

Congratulations to all the walkers, and a big "Thank You" to everyone who raised money for such an amazing cause. Here's to the 2017 T.E.A.L. Walk being even greater!



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