One of the bloodiest battles of the Revolutionary War happened on August 6th. A special ceremony for its anniversary is scheduled this weekend.

Even if you're not a history buff, we're sure you know at least a little bit about the Revolutionary War and its importance in the history of our nation. It was August 6, 1777 when British Loyalists laid siege to Fort Stanwix, beginning the Battle of Oriskany. This battle would go down in history as one of the turning points for the colonists. This was the same day that General Herkimer tried to help the soldiers at the fort, but he was ambushed by the British and suffered battle wounds that would eventually lead to his death.

This year will mark the 239th anniversary of the Battle of Oriskany. According to the Fort Stanwix National Monument's Facebook Page,

...the occasion will be marked with a solemn ceremony to honor those involved in the fighting. It will take place in the evening at the Oriskany Battlefield State Historic Site at 7 pm and is open to the public.

Not only that, but the Fort Stanwix National Monument is celebrating its 40th anniversary of being open to the public. With that they have "40 for 40" - which is 40 short films being released about the park, its history, and its future. One of those films highlights a lesser known fact (or should we say, person) from the Battle of Oriskany. You can watch their video below:


This weekend is the perfect time to head over to Fort Stanwix and refresh your mind on all the history it has to offer. While you're in the area, take a moment to remember and honor all those who fought and lost their lives during the Battle of Oriskany by heading over to the Oriskany Battlefield for their ceremony on Saturday.