Wardrobe Malfunction! Toni Braxton was performing when her bootylicious curves took control and the entire back of her dress just plain fell off! She handled this like a pro. In the video, posted by TMZ, you'll see Toni’s glittery blue dress start to slowly drop after she allows several men to join her onstage for a dance.  Whoops!

In the midst of shaking her rump, her dress falls off exposing her 'assets'. And boy, she has nice 'assets' for a 45 year old. Like a pro, Toni kept on performing and, fortunately for us, she proudly  flaunted her cheeky side to the audience.

One of the men was kind of enough to give Toni his sports jacket to cover up while a stylist ran behind her to fix the back of her dress.

In the end, Toni was a little embarrassed but took her wardrobe malfunction in stride.