Earlier Matt Hubbell posted a video of the fastest roller coaster in the world. That got me thinking of my usual summer adventure to the 'Roller Coaster Capital of the World' – Cedar Point!

Every year I hit up Cedar Point in Sandusky, Ohio – at least once a year (last year I made it an awesome five times). Living in Michigan made it so easy to drive down there for the day, ride a million rides, and drive back home that same night. Unfortunately I won’t be able to do that living in New York. Still worth a summer trip though – it only takes about 8 hours to get there.

Now, Cedar Point is the 'Roller Coaster Capital of the World' for a reason. With multiple record breaking coasters, 17 coasters on site, more than 70 other attraction and thrill rides, and it covers an astounding 365 acres – it’s no wonder why thrill seekers from all over come to Cedar Point.

Just to show you some of the fun of Cedar Point (if you have never been before), here are the top 3 rides in the park. Granted, these are great videos – but it still doesn’t do it justice. You need to be on the ride – feel the wind, experience the excitement! But for the time being (until I can, or you can head to Ohio) this will have to do.


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    This ride twists and turns you in ways you never imagined possible on a roller coaster. Plus, it stops you in this dark tunnel and shoots you out at ridiculous speeds - hitting 70mph.

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    Top Thrill Dragster

    Now this ride is crazy! Get ready to go from zero to 120mph in less than four seconds. The ride shoots you up 420 feet in the air, and just like that - drops you back down.

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    Millennium Force

    Arguably the best coaster in Cedar Point and the best coaster ever. This ride takes you up 310 feet (and on this elevator lift system, so you get to the top extremely fast), then brings you back down at an 80-degree angle. It's fast, it's long, and it's the best!