We had fun creating another 'This-OR-That' game for you, but now the voting is closed, and we're ready to share the results...

A little while ago, we brought you "This-OR-That: Summer Edition" and had you pick between two summer-themed things, whether it was places to visit in the summer, things to do, or summer treats. We left the voting open for just over a week, but now it's closed. Now the votes have been tallied up and we have your results for you.


The results of "This-OR-That: Summer Edition":

1. Soft serve or hard ice cream?
WINNER: Soft serve with 75% of the votes.

2. Kayaking on the Mohawk River or on Canadarago Lake?
WINNER: Kayaking on Canadarago Lake with 67% of the votes.

3. Where do you feel like going - The Adirondacks or the Finger Lakes?
WINNER: The Adirondacks with over 90% of the votes.

4. Pick the best event at the Utica Zoo - Wine in the Wilderness or Brewfest
WINNER: Brewfest with 55% of the votes.

5. What sounds better - relaxing at home or going to a Saranac Thursday?
WINNER: Relaxing at home with 67% of the votes.

6. What are you cooking - S'mores over a campfire or chicken or steak on the grill?
WINNER: Chicken or steak on the grill with 67% of the votes.

7. What's your adventure - Water slides or roller coasters?
WINNER: Water slides with nearly 80% of the votes.

8. Best way to spend your evening outside - Outdoor movie screening or watching a live band?
WINNER: Watching a live band with 75% of the votes.

9. What are you doing - Watching the Boilermaker or running the boilermaker?
WINNER: Watching the Boilermaker with 91% of the votes.

10. How are you keeping cool - Swimming in a pool or lake or enjoying a wine slushie (or wine ice cream)?
WINNER: Swimming in a pool or lake with almost 100% of the votes!


That last result was probably the craziest - Almost 100%?! Maybe it's just me that cools off with a delicious wine slushie. Either way, there you go! Those are the results of our "This-OR-That: Summer Edition." Thanks for playing along, and I'm sure we'll have another one for you in a few months.




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