Since I wasn't in town this weekend to do another 'New to Naomi' segment, I decided to give you a tour of my area. It's a reverse 'New to Naomi' - a 'New to Central New York.'

Before moving out to Central New York, I lived in Michigan my whole life. Port Huron (and Fort Gratiot) are the main areas I went. I worked out there, a lot of my friends lived out there, and that's just the place you went... for everything.

I took a secret trip home over the weekend to surprise my mom for her birthday (she had no idea I was coming into town). And since I couldn't do a 'New to Naomi' segment, I thought I would show you around the area I'm from.


There was so much more I wanted to show you, but a 20 minute video is a little long to watch. Unfortunately, there is so much more to the Blue Water Area then the video can show, but I took some pictures as well (that might help).


Even with the video and the photos there is still a lot missing. I guess I'll have to go back soon and show you around some more!



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