There a handful of positive changes we would like to see in our city. Certainly we're not living in a fairy tale, but if we were, it would be nice if these transitions took place.  

Even if you're in love with Utica, there are probably at least a few negative attributes that you'd like to see turned into positives. Here are 3 changes we'd like to see in the "Handshake City." Feel free to add to the list we've come up with.

1. Widen Genesee Street

Navigating down Genesee can sometimes seem like a perilous journey. Perhaps we're paranoid, but often seems, it shouldn't be a 4 lane road. The left and right lanes are extremely close together. Have you  ever come close to being side swiped by a vehicle in the lane next to you?

Matt Hubbell

Driving down Genesee is especially tricky if there's snow; making the road even narrower. Cars parked along side of Genesee are not helping at all either.

2. Eliminate ALL Potholes

Utica's streets are in rough shape. How many times have you been comfortably riding along when suddenly your jolted by an unexpected crack in the road or a pothole the size of a crater?

Matt Hubbell

Do you think government officials would mind if we united for one giant community service project this spring? Heck, we'll even supply the asphalt.

3. Change Traffic Lights into Flashing Stoplights

We're not suggesting turning all of our city's traffic lights into flashing ones; that would present a big hazard and a lot of headaches. However, there are certain lights that have probably never seen green.

Matt Hubbell

The intersection of Sunset and Burrstone is one of the longest lights ever; especially when you're trying to turn left.