We love our city, but one thing's for certain; the potholes are a menace. By no means is the this little list conclusive; just a few streets that we encountered while out and about.  

We purposely left out South Genesee from our list of Utica streets that have the potential to knock your vehicle's alignment into another county; instead we chose a few side streets. We discovered these while we were on an adventure in East Utica .

1. Jewett Place

This road will knock the wind out of you if you happen to hit a pothole while going the speed limit. If you have any sense, you won't be driving the speed limit. These holes will rock both you and your car senseless.


2. Brinkerhoff Avenue

This street may very well swallow your car whole. We got a bit angry as we attempted to drive down this road. It seemed nearly impossible to even swerve around the potholes.

Matt Hubbell

In our opinion, this street is the worst on the list:

Matt Hubbell

This crater filled street should have another sign posted that reads: "Don't hassle the Hoff."

3. Neilson Street

Our final holey street is one that deserves a little recognition for its cleverly laid out out potholes. Because most of them lie on one or the other side of the road, swerving around the holes is relatively easy; unless there's oncoming traffic.

This road has just enough cracks in it to make your ride really uncomfortable and bumpy.

Matt Hubbell

What streets would you add to this list?