Make-A-Wish of Central New York needs your help. In just 35 hours, they're hoping to raise enough money to make another wish come true.

The pandemic has been tough on all of us: uncertainty about our health and finances, having to take extra care to stay virus-free, and even wearing surgical masks everywhere we go. It's been tough - but many of these challenges are just part of everyday life for kids with serious illnesses and their families.

Make-A-Wish gives these families a chance to escape from all the worry, and to bring a magical joy to these special kids.

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Unfortunately, the pandemic has affected Make-A-Wish, putting some wishes on hold, and impacting their fundraising, which financially supports their wish-granting. You can help.

In just 35 hours, Make-A-Wish is hoping to raise $13,500. Every dollar counts towards making wishes come true.

Wishes like Nina's - the Oneida County girl was just 3 when Make-A-Wish sent her to Disney to meet her favorite Princesses.

Here's Nina's mom reflecting on what the wish meant to Nina and her family:

Sometimes you need to reflect on where you’ve been to see how far you’ve come. Thank you Make-A-Wish CNY for making Nina’s wish come true in 2012! During our week-long stay at Give Kids The World Village, we lived like we had no worries from cancer, no stress from chemotherapy and eye exams, no rushing to medical appointments, no blood count checks, no emergency room visits, no mounting medical bills-some real ‘Hakuna Matata’ vibes! To have that mental break for a week and just see our child be spoiled and treated like a princess because she’s been through more medically than most adults ever will. That’s what Make-A-Wish does, they give you the opportunity to let it go; they bring joy and happiness, magic and wonder to children, in a way that sometimes parents can’t during a life threatening illness.

This wish trip was two months after it was decided one of her eyes couldn’t be saved in order to save her precious life. With retinoblastoma, the chances of cancer spreading to the brain are high when tumors can’t be contained. Who knows what life would look like for Nina if that decision wasn’t made?

My strong, beautiful daughter STILL loves Disney more than anything 💛 Thank you for the the “throwback” Make-A-Wish CNY, these memories will live forever. Thank you for loving us and staying connected. Your staff and volunteers are pure sunshine and one day, I hope to be a Wish Granter and serve other families experiencing life threatening issues with their kids.

Nina is 10 now, and her condition has stabilized.

If you want to help make another child's dream come true, make a donation today. Every dollar counts.

Let's help Make-A-Wish get to their $13,500 goal - so they can keep granting wishes for local kids, just like Nina.

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