Sure, Utica has a lot of events and festivals that come to the area, but there are some big ones that happen across the country, that Utica needs to host.

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'Fests' - They're the perfect excuse to get a crowd of people together that share a love of something, and pretty much throw a party around this item. Like a Beer Fest, for example. A bunch of people get together to celebrate their love of beer by drinking beer, trying new craft beers, and hanging out with others who love beer. There are a few 'fests' though, that need to make their way to Utica.

1 - Bacon Fest

Yes, yes, and YES! What's better than bacon? How about 20 or 30 different types, flavors, and bacon dishes! If Utica is looking for any ideas on an event to host - It has to be Bacon Fest!

2 - Balloon Fest

Albuquerque, New Mexico hosts an 'International Balloon Fiesta' where they have all these hot-air balloons take off to the sky. This seems like an interesting idea, and seems like it could a good event for Utica. It may have to be on a smaller scale (say, liftoff from Proctor Park), but the view in a hot-air balloon over Central New York? Now, that has got to be amazing!

Different Types of Pizzas Being Served
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3 - Pizza Fest

You can never go wrong with a food-themed fest. And especially being in New York - a Pizza Fest just seems... fitting. Imagine hundreds of different kinds of pizza, all for you to try. All the pizza joints in Central New York could have a booth, and we could finally find out who has the best pizza in town.

4 - Utica Fest

Okay, so this isn't a fest... yet! But why can't it be? Maybe hold this fest at the Utica AUD - have riggies, greens, tomato pie, Halfmoon cookies, salted potatoes... everything! Then have a whole bunch of varieties of those said items. There would be Saranac Beers to wash it all down, and mixed drinks from the Adirondack Distillery. Music from local bands... the ideas are endless. Can someone get on this... please?!




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