Over the years, the internet has seen a million trends come and go - some that help out a great cause and others that are just for fun. Now here comes the stupidest trend of them all - it's called 'Phone Pinching.'

Not all internet trends and challenges are bad. Remember the 'Ice Bucket Challenge?' That raised a lot of money and awareness for ALS. 'Planking' was huge at one point - it didn't do anything good, but at the same time it didn't do anything bad (except for those few that wanted to 'plank' on private property, or on areas where they could fall and get hurt).

It seems like as time goes on, the internet trends get worse - and stupider. And this 'Phone Pinching' trend is no exception. So what exactly is this 'Phone Pinching?'

It's pinching your phone in the corner, between your index finger and thumb - and putting it in dangerous spots. Example: Pinching your phone and hanging over a balcony. Then you take a picture (or video) of your stupidity, showing how 'daring' you are. This is what that looks like:


Stupid, right? One of the stupidest trends online, that seems to be picking up a lot of speed. And most people who are doing it - Well, they're 25 and under (probably because if they drop it, mom and dad will buy them a new one).

Please internet... Stop this!




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