First it was the 'Cows in a Field' Riddle, now it's this.

Riddles like this are all about confusing the mind - giving you information in the beginning that you actually don't need. The beginning of the riddle states "If Y-E-S spells 'yes,' then..." and then it gives you the question to answer.
(The actual riddle will be written further down - when it's written out, it's easier to get the joke).

On The Workday Kick-Off, we asked Matt Hubbell the riddle. How did he do? Well, you can hear the full question, and his answer in the video below:


So the full riddle goes "If Y-E-S spells 'yes,' then what does E-Y-E-S spell? It makes more sense written out, but saying it to someone... Well, that's when they get confused. Try it out on your friends, co-workers - You're sure to get some good laughs out of it!



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