A few years ago I was driving down George Street in Rome.  I was telling my buddy Roger that I had a really important text to make and certainly I would get away with it just once.

I was wrong, almost immediately after I started texting, I saw lights flashing and a kind but stern female officer of the law issued me a ticket. She wasn't remotely interested in hearing my little story. Thankfully, all I got was a $75 fine but the reason I'm sharing this with you is because as of Saturday November 1, 2014 they really began cracking down. This is according to CNYcentral.com:

Young and new drivers caught texting or using their phones without a hands-free device could face a 120-day license suspension and a year-long suspension for second time offenders.

Governor Como isn't messing around this time. He reiterated that the tougher penalties will hopefully remind all of us that texting and driving is not permissible and and it's also not safe!


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