Say 'waterfalls' and 'New York' and just about everyone thinks of Niagara Falls. But don't forget about the many waterfalls in the Adirondack Mountains. Here are 5 of the most majestic.

  • OK Slip Falls

    Near Indian Lake

    OK Slip Falls at 250 feet tall are among the tallest in New York. And they require a bit of a hike to take in the sights. It's a 3 mile walk off of Route 28 to find them.

  • Au Sable River Falls

    Wilmington Notch
  • Roaring Brook Falls

    Keene Valley
  • Rainbow Falls

    AuSable Chasm

    Rainbow Falls can be seen along Route 9 on the Clinton/Essex County border or as part of one of the region's most popular tourist spots, AuSable Chasm.

  • Pixley Falls


    Bonus - These falls, located just out of the official Adirondack Park boundary south of Boonville, are located in a state park located on Route 46 and include a 50-foot drop of Lansing Kill.

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