As we all know by now bad habits in moderation can actually be good for you. The key is for you to not over do it. That’s the problem, people usually do over do it. Ladies Home Journal reported on five habits that get a bad rap, but can be good for you. Here are tips and tricks on how not to overuse these habits.


The Good: When you watch shows that exercise your mind, it can actually make you smarter. Some shows encourage family life, while other shows teach you something new.

The Bad: Sitting in front of the TV for too long can drain your energy. If you watch more than two hours a day, it's time to dial down the habit.


The Good: Facebook can help relationships and help you connect with people from your past. It can be a great resource for information and tips too.

The Bad: When you spend too much time on Facebook you can easily neglect your work, family or household chores. Restrict your use by building it into your schedule. Be disciplined and only check in at those times.


The Good: When we gossip about other people, it can make us less critical of our own lives. Gossip also relieves stress and can create a culture of closeness.

The Bad: If you purposely spread rumors about someone that could be damaging, it's time to stop. Too much gossiping can make you seem insecure.


The Good: A number of studies have shown multiple health benefits from coffee including: a lower risk for stroke, dementia, Parkinson's disease, type 2 diabetes, liver cancer and gallstones.

The Bad: If you indulge in fancy, high-calorie java drinks, they can make you fat since they're not only packed with caffeine, but also calories.

Being Messy

The Good: Lucky for you and me, disorganized people tend to be more creative and efficient than those who are obsessively neat.

The Bad: Being messy is fine to a point. Complete disorder is a problem.


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Now, I know I’m guilty of over-using Facebook, over drinking coffee, and probably being messy. But everyone has bad habits right? What are some from the list above that you have problems with? Also, what are you tips to help people out?


[via Ladies Home Journal]