All week we talked with the American Heart Association and their local survivor stories. In honor of heart health, here are a few things to look out for, and see a doctor if you're having some of these surprising symptoms.


Checking the Heart Rate of a Worker
Photo by:John Moore/Getty Images News

We have all heard the warning signs of a heart attack or stroke, but what about the smaller signs? The signs that there is a growing problem - A warning to see a doctor before something worse happens. has compiled a list of the seven warning signs people should look out for. They're signs that show your heart might not being as well as it should be. Here are the signs they say to watch out for:


1 - Sexual problems - in BOTH men and women

2 - Sleeping problems, including snoring and sleep apnea

3 - Feeling like you can't catch your breath, or there's pressure in your lungs or chest

4 - Aching in your shoulders or your chest

5 - Swollen gums, or gums that are tender and bleed easily

6 - Heart feels like it's skipping a beat - an irregular heartbeat

7 - Swollen extremities like your ankles, legs, wrists, or fingers


If you're experiencing any of these symptoms, or if you feel like something 'just isn't right,' it's time to see a doctor. It's better to get checked out and have everything be okay, than wait too long and have something serious happen!



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