Last week I visited my favorite local produce stand near my home in North Utica, NY and I chatted with the girls for a while about locally grown produce. I'm convinced that for the freshest fruits and vegetables, to support your local businesses, and to live a healthier lifestyle, you should visit that local produce stand as well.

From an article I read on it's claimed that produce quickly loses nutrients once harvested and since local produce is sold right after it’s picked, it retains more nutrients. Also:

The American family farmer is a vanishing breed - fewer than 1,000,000 people (less than 1%) of Americans claim farming as a primary occupation. It’s no wonder: it’s hard to make a living when you get less than 10 cents of every retail food dollar. By buying locally, the middleman disappears and the farmer gets full retail price, in turn helping farmers continue to farm.

So keep your money and tax dollars local. Get the freshest produce possible and live a healthier lifestyle when you stop by that local produce stand.

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