No, I'm not referring to the Five Guys burger joint on Commercial Drive (which is awesome by the way), but if you have an appreciation for the piano, are attracted to innovative ideas and love listening to the music on this station, then click that 'Read More' button and see what all three of those are like combined!

You may've heard of Scott the Piano Guy, but what about the Piano GUYS? I was first introduced to them when someone posted a video awhile back on my Facebook wall of them doing a piano/cello cover of Taylor Swift's 'Love Story' into Coldplay's 'Viva La Vida' that Jon Schmidt, the piano player wrote for his little 7 year old girl. At first you're probably like, How in the world? Well, watch below and chances are you'll be clicking that play button over and over like I did...

While I'm writing this I have the videos playing in the background and my kids all came over and are like, 'Wow that's cool Dad' and are just going bonkers clapping and singing and dancing to the music. Not sure what's more moving, watching these videos or watching their response to what they're hearing and seeing. I hope your response is the same (well don't scare your co-workers!) and that this makes an impression on you too... Cheers!


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