Otters Play The Piano [VIDEO]
Need a reason to smile today? Then I have just the video for you. Otters at the Smithsonian Zoo trying to play the piano. Liberace? Not exactly but they're fun to watch. Sounds like they're trying to sing too.
A Touching Piano Tribute [VIDEO]
50 year old David Allen Welsh has been a homeless man living in Vancouver most of his life. He recently learned how to upload his piano playing to YouTube and now we can all enjoy his skills.
Double-Jointed Musician Plays the Piano Backwards [VIDEO]
Evan Patrone has double-jointed shoulders and elbows, which allows him to sit on a bench and play the piano backwards. You’ll probably cringe a little bit when you see his talent in action (nature did not intend for arms to bend that way, right?). And you may continuing cri…