There’s no denying it- the cost of living has risen and hustle culture is real here in New York State. What is keeping you poor?

The hustle culture has validated the idea of working constantly to save money and become profitable. While we live in a financially stressful time, it’s important to evaluate if some of our habits are what are keeping us poor. Think about it, a lot probably are.

Here are 5 everyday habits that might be negatively contributing to your financial situation, thanks to our intern Mona:

1) Smoking

Although your doctor will advise you to not smoke for your health, smoking can be a strain on your financial well-being as well.  Studies have found that those with a smoking habit can cost an individual $4,690.25 per year.

2) Buying Daily Coffee

Going to your nearby coffee shops for your daily caffeine boost rather than making your beverages yourself is an expensive habit. Studies have found that women spend around $2,327 at coffee shops per year while men spend around $1,934.

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3) Daily Eating Out (Even fast food)

Research has found that nearly half of Americans spend between $11-$20 per person when dining out. As prices rise, it’s important to be mindful of how your eating-out habits may be adding up as it may be what’s keeping you financially tight.

4) Alcohol

Alcohol is expensive and it has been a notable habit that keeps people poor. Although everyone’s drinking habits vary, you can calculate how much you on average are spending per week, month, and year here.

5) Forgetting to Cancel your Free Trials

Free trials are great! They let you try a service before having to pay for it, so it feels like saving money before investing, right? Yes…until you forget to cancel your free trial and are now paying an additional $10-$20 a month on a service you may not be using frequently enough to get your money’s worth. Check your credit and debit card history for those recurring charges and make sure you’re paying for monthly fees that you’re actually using. Also, begin to list and track your free trials as they may be more costly in the long run!

Bottom line:

Moderation is key. This is not to say don’t enjoy a trip to the coffee shop or a night out with friends! Instead, make sure these habits aren’t costing you more than you’ve budgeted for! Also, cancel your free trials.

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