These awe-inspiring videos posted to YouTube might just make you want to get behind the wheel of a Nissan right now.

  • Nissan Whips Through Italian Tunnels

    Self-proclaimed Italian 'petrol-head' Marchettino gave a Nissan GT-R an exhilarating spin thru some tunnels, presumably in the Italian Alps.

  • Mudbogging Nissan Y-60

    This video was filmed mudbogging through Germany and the Netherlands.

  • Sand Dune Climb

    This is a Nissan Patrol doing a nearly vertical sand dune climb in Abu Dhabi.

  • Real Life Fast and Furious

    This is a Nissan Skyline very similar to one featured in the Fast and Furious film franchise accelerating and doing burnouts.

  • London Powerslide

    This is like a scene out of a Bond movie, powersliding through the streets of London in a sharp black Nissan.