I was watching one of the football games this weekend when a commercial came on that immediately caught my attention. I thought it was a movie trailer for a thriller, but it turns out, it was a commercial from Nissan - and I wanted to know, what is in the Nissan Briefcase.

If you've not seen it yet, here is the Nissan Briefcase commercial. The spot you've seen on TV, is not the full 'Nissan Briefcase movie. The URL nissanbriefcase.com redirects to this video

What's In the Briefcase?

The commercial ends with the url openthebriefcase.com. Going to the URL links you to a Facebook page for the Nissan Rogue.

At that page, you have the opportunity to open one of three briefcases.

Here's the press release about the Open the Briefcase game from Nissan as reported by the Wall Street Journal.
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