If you've ever doubted that there is just too much gun violence in our country you may not after watching a few episodes of these shows. We've chosen reality TV shows since they are based on real life events in some of the most beloved cities of our country.

5) 48 Hours Mystery 

This is the Emmy award-winning series that primarily features true crime stories and real life mysteries with a newsy flavor. Often the stories focus on a crime that involves a gun. The program began on CBS in 1988. It was called 48 Hours, which originally focused on hot topics and subsequent events that occurred within a 48-hour period. Over the years, crime, often involving guns, became the story lines.

4) America's Most Wanted

What an impact 'America's Most Wanted' has had in the world of law enforcement, criminal prosecution and television.

The show started on Fox and moved to the Lifetime Network. It's a crime show created by 'victims rights' advocate and host John Walsh who has reportedly helped law enforcement agencies capture over 1,130 accused criminals. The re-creations on the show often showed the family devastation from gun violence.

3) Cops

This show has been on the air since 1989, and recently aired its 850th episode. It won the American Television Award in 1993 and has earned four Emmy nominations. Mostly the show deals with everyday life as a police officer but when cops hear 'shots fired' on their radio, everything changes.

2) Forensic Files

This popular true-crime show takes viewers into the depths of forensic science and criminal investigations. It's been said that this show started it all. CSI, NCIS, and Law & Order all can thank Forensic Files for their success. The show followed coroners, medical examiners, physicians, law enforcement officers and legal experts during the intricate steps of crime solving by using forensic evidence.

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1) The First 48

If you're looking for a true crime show, this one tops the list. This real life crime show on A&E takes you through those crucial first few hours of a homicide case. The show follows detectives everywhere from the gruesome crime scene to the interrogation rooms. It works because it's not fake. No reality show does a better job of displaying gun violence in America. It shows in minute detail the process and procedures officers use to catch their criminal without skimping on the drama.

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