We all know him as the lead singer from Maroon 5, the superstar coach on “The Voice,” and even for his appearances in those proactive commercials, but what about the behind-the-scenes Adam Levine?


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Levine was featured on the cover of Men’s Fitness Magazine this month. After seeing him on the cover, I knew I had to check out the actual article. To my surprise, it was much more in depth on his personal life than I had imagined. No, it’s not about drama at home or some conspiracy going on… but about the real person – the real Adam Levine. These are five things that really surprised me about Levine.


1 – He Works Out Religiously, so to Speak

Yes it’s a fitness magazine - they're going to talk about him working out. Not only does he work out a lot (six days a week, every week), but one time he actually bought a yoga trainer for a year! Seriously! Levine's trainer told Men's Fitness Magazine,

He called me and said, "How much would it cost to buy you for the year?" I threw out some absurd number. Literally 10 seconds later, he was like, "Done."


Adam Levine with Supermodel Wife Behati Prinsloo
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2 – Kids for Levine? It's Likely to Happen

Now, he doesn't straight up say he's having a kid with his beautiful super-model wife Behati Prinsloo, but when asked about it he said,

"My mom ain't asking, because she knows it'll happen."

If his mom isn't asking (and we ALL know that's a big topic - when your child is finally going to have a child of their own), she must be pretty confident about it.

3 – He's Into Golf

Really, I had no idea. Apparently he watches and studies pro golfers' swings on YouTube. When the interview was done for Men's Fitness Magazine, Levine had brace on his elbow which he blamed on "golf elbow." He went on to say,

"How do you hurt yourself playing golf? It's the lamest way to hurt yourself."


Adam Levine
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4 – He’s Not a Sell-Out

Yes he’s done endorsements for proactive, has a clothing line at Kmart, and even his own fragrance – but there's reasons behind it all. Levine says he really did struggle with acne growing up, and if it helps someone get "their stuff together" it's good. He's willing to seize the opportunities around him, but for the right reasons.

5 – He's Just Happy to be Alive

Not just the standard ‘I would rather be living than dead,’ but an honest loving every single day kind of way. He says he doesn't want to go to sleep because he could be doing something else with his time. Levine wants to do as much as he can now, because he knows as he gets older there will be less that he can do. His yoga instructor likes to joke that,

"Every day is Christmas for Adam."


Not only is Adam Levine this amazing superstar with talent, money, and good looks, but deep down he's a pretty cool person in general. He's one of those stars who you'd want to meet in person, because you know he would just send out this awesome vibe - I mean, just look at his music video for "Sugar." That's the coolest thing I think a celebrity could do.

Adam, if I ever settle down and get married you're invited to the wedding!



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