I have some female friends who have shared some of the things they've been asked while pregnant. Most of them made them feel awkward and uncomfortable.
The other day I was having coffee with my friend Carla. She recently gave birth to a beautiful baby girl named Rebecca and she told me about some of the obscene questions she'd been asked during her pregnancy.

The first one she mentioned I found especially crazy. I'm not a woman, yet even I am somewhat taken aback by such a tactless jumble of insensitive jargon. Are you ready for the first question she was asked? OK here goes...

I Bet you’re Ready to Pop Any Day Right?

Wow! Seriously? Unless you are a very close relative or friend of the expecting woman, avoid this absurd question at all costs. I mean, the dear lady is giving birth to new life and you have the audacity to compare her to a bag of Jolly Time?

The next question she was asked is sure to get your blood boiling:

Can I Touch Your Belly?

My jaw dropped when Carla told me that even her co-workers had the nerve to ask her such a brash question. I'm a bit different because I encourage strangers to touch my belly, but that's just me.

Carla told me she was checking out at Price Chopper when the cashier decided to blurt out this next unusual statement:

I Feel Pregnant Too!

I bet the cashier got extremely red faced immediately after he uttered such nonsense. Part of me empathizes with him though because it was just an immediate response to Carla's statement to him: "Ever since I've been pregnant I can't get enough pizza." Either way, unless you really are expecting, chances are, you don't feel pregnant.
The next one Carla told me about just isn't nice.

Enjoy Your Last Few Months of Freedom!

Oh boy. Single bachelor's sometimes say this to one another in jest, but to say this to a pregnant woman is incredibly thoughtless. There's a good chance the pregnancy was planned and the couple is overjoyed that they'll soon be welcoming in a new family member.

You Probably Shouldn't Eat That

Most expecting women are well aware of what they should and shouldn't be eating. Carla told me that one of her co-workers saw her munching on a bag Doritos and thought it would be appropriate to utter those 5 bad words. She also mentioned that the person that told her this was busy eating a cheese danish and drinking a big gulp sized soda.

Just Jenn and I talked about unusual pregnancy questions today.