The first time I ordered a pizza from O’Scugnizzo's I thought they had made a mistake.

Last December was the first time I had a chance to bite into this "Utica famous" upside down pizza. However, before I cashed out of the shop, I glanced at the pizza and thought I'd been duped. I said to one of the employees: "Umm, I think you guys forgot to put cheese on my pizza." He laughed, and said that's how it's supposed to be. He also promised me that I'd like it. Really? I'll be honest, I had my doubts.

I was looking forward to eating a normal, ordinary looking pizza.  All my doubts were alleviated after my first mouthful of this delicious creation. Who would have ever dreamed of baking up a pizza with the sauce on top, and cheese and toppings on the bottom? Eugeno Burlino, that's who.

He founded in the shop 1914. He only sold tomato pie (a pizza without mozzarella cheese) and they only cost a nickel. He was then succeeded by his son, Angelo "Chops" Burline, who made O'scugnizzo what it is today. Almost 90 years later, O'scugnizzo is still in business in the beautiful city of Utica and is now run by his son Steven Burline.

O’Scugnizzo's just opened a new shop in South Utica and they're searching for a few employees who can work some pizza magic. If you're interested in working for them, give them a call: 525-1679. Just Jen had a chance to chat with the management team and they mentioned that they're over the moon to have their new shop opened. Upside down pizza is no pie in the sky. In fact, people come from as far away as Rochester to purchase this amazing, unique pizza!



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