We've all see thousands of cat videos, baby videos, and every other kind of cute video, but what about when a baby reacts to a cat. This is definitely the cutest video going around the internet right now.

The cuteness meter is about to hit its max! A family introduces their cat to their baby, and it's the sweetest thing. Unfortunately, the cat acts like... well, how you would expect any cat to act - it doesn't seem to really care. But the baby... The baby really loses it! Have you ever seen a little baby get that excited about anything? No seriously... Have you?!



Told you it was cute! This video started blowing up on Facebook on Wednesday (August 19), and it's already getting mass attention. The video has more than a quarter-million views, along with a few copy videos on YouTube. Totally worth the minute-and-a-half out of your day, right?!




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