We're no strangers to snow living in Central New York. Our winters can get pretty nasty on the roads and on our vehicles.

Here are 5 tips for brushing off your car in the winter:

1. Start your car before you brush.

It makes clearing the snow off much easier. Just be sure to give yourself enough time to let it heat up before you leave. Not to mention how nice it is to get into a warm car!

2. Make sure your defrosters are on.

It will help melt away some of that snow and ice stuck to your front and back windshields, and clear up the fog that's inside your car as well.

3. Get a quality snow brush/ice scraper.

Sometimes it's worth it to spend a little extra on one. Most snow brush/ice scrapers are relatively cheap, but it's better to have one that won't break and clears everything off nicely. Don't forget to leave it in the car!

4. Get ALL of the snow and ice off your car before you drive.

If you have any snow or ice left on your car, it can actually cause you to use more fuel on the road if there's too much weighing you down. NEVER forget to get the snow/slush off the roof of your car as well. If there's slush on your roof and you stop too quickly, it can slide onto your front windshield while your on the road. If there's too much powder on the top, it will blow off once you're moving onto the cars behind you.

5. Make sure you can see out of every window AND other drivers can see you.

If there's too much snow on your windows, you won't be able to see certain blind spots. Make sure all your windows are cleared of snow and ice. If the weather is bad, don't forget to turn your headlights on so other drivers know you're on the road with them.

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