With the weather beginning to warm up its time to start thinking about planting your garden. If you're interested in growing your own veggies, here's a list of vegetables you might have in the house that you can start right now.

The method used to re-grow these vegetables is a familiar one, and all it requires is putting cut pieces of vegetable in water and waiting for sprouts to grow.

1. Basil

Simply put the basil stems with leaf nodes in water in a sunny spot. Wait for roots to grow to about two inches before potting.

2. Romaine Lettuce

Don't throw away the stump! After you cut the base off, put the stump in a half inch of water(make sure you keep the water level at a half inch). When the leaves start to re-grow it is time to plant.

3. Carrots

With fresh whole carrots, cut about two inches off of the top. In a shallow container put the pieces cut-side down and fill with water about halfway up the pieces. Put them in direct sunlight and after about 1-2 weeks they should sprout. Time to plant.

4. Green Onions

Cut off the bottom white part leaving about an inch of green. Put your cuttings in a glass of water in direct sunlight and after about 10 days you can replant.

5. Celery

Cut off and rinse the base of your celery. Place the base (bottom down) in water and leave in a sunny spot for around 5-7 days. When leaves start to sprout, transfer them to soil and cover - leaving only leaf tips exposed.

There you have it! Now you can save a little money on vegetables and get the satisfaction of growing some of your own food too. And don't forget fresh vegetables taste way better than store bought!

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