It's officially winter in Central New York! Although the weather hasn't been too cold for us yet, the frigid temperatures will be here soon. Here's how you can stay warm whether it's 35-degrees or 5-below.

1 - Warm Beverages

Coffee, hot chocolate, tea... whatever. Warm beverages not only warm your insides up, but any time your hands get cold you can just hold on to the cup. It's a win-win.

2 - Keep Moving

Getting up and moving around is always important, especially if you're sitting down most of the time at work or at home. The last thing anyone wants to do when they're cold is move, but getting up and walking around will help. You have to get that blood flowing!

3 - Have Extra Hoodies And Sweatshirts

Okay, so that's an easy one but honestly, how many times do you actually remember to bring them. If you've got a place in your office or work space where you can keep them, perfect. If not, set one down next to your purse or bag so you won't forget it in the morning.

4 - Soup For Lunch

Hot food is always good when you're cold. Stick to something like soup, though. The steaming broth is always good to make you feel all toasty warm. Yes, getting fries and a burger is hot food, but it won't warm you up the same. Soup and other hot liquids stay warmer longer inside your stomach, compared to other foods.

5 - Grab A Hat

Most of the heat in your body escapes from your head, so if you're really freezing throw on a hat. It's crazy how much of a difference just putting something on your head can make.

If you're still cold just remember, spring will be here before we know it. And if that doesn't warm up your soul a little bit... Well, we don't know what will.



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