Everyone wants to give their kids the tools and knowledge to live successful lives. That's what this one mother is doing, but some think she's taking it a little too far.

First of all let me just say I'm not bashing this mother either way. I think it's a very unique idea. I'm just here to present her idea to you, and see what you think. And see if this is something Central New York parents would be on board with (or not), and compare it to answers from around the country.

So she's giving her child the money to begin with, she's not just asking for her 5-year-old to somehow come up with the money. And then she has her child pay her part of the "bills" like rent and electricity. Then, in the end, her daughter will get that money back when she does decide to leave home. Sounds like a pretty solid idea. But is it too much for a child that young?

Some parents have praised the woman saying it's a genius idea, or a great way to get kids started for the "real world." Other parents think it's a little too much, and think that maybe it's a plan that should be put in place when the child is older. Either way, this is what one mom is doing and it's sparking both inspiration and outrage in the parenting community.

The story has taken off a lot further than most probably would have thought. Even news stations have picked up the story and featured it on TV. I noticed this story from a friend on Facebook sharing it to a family member. It definitely has a lot of people talking.

And now we want to get you talking: What do you think about a 5-year-old paying rent? Let us know in the poll below (you can also write in your own answer if you don't like any of the options):





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