The interesting thing is not that 'Fifty Shades of Grey' debuted at #1 on the New York Times Best Seller List and spent the last 25 weeks at the top of the hill with the other two books of the trilogy at #2 and#3 respectively for just about as long. Nor is it interesting really that it was knocked off the list at all because it had to get dethroned some day right? The girls are all going 'awww man', and the guys are all like "yesssssss"! But how bout the interesting little fact that 'No Easy Day', this controversial first-hand account of taking down Bin-Laden booted Shades off the top without even being RELEASED yet!


The book is apparently written or at least ghost written by a former Navy Seal who was a member of Navy Seal Team 6 that reportedly squashed the annoying mosquito on our arms that was the al-Qaeda leader. The author is writing under an assumed name of course to protect his identity and the very swift Naval boot that will find it's way to his rear end once they find out who he is. Although, it shouldn't be too difficult to narrow down this pen pal as there are what, 5 guys on a squad? I mean if the Navy can find Bin Laden, they can surely track down one of their own wayward sons!

Anyway, the book is slated to hit shelves on September 4th which is just a week away and it's the pre-orders alone that have knocked E.L. James's spicy series from being King of the Hill. Whether or not the book is as good of a read as Shades was (I wouldn't know) is irrelevant is controversy always seems to stir up a hornet's nest of sales and Matt Bisonette (oops, did I say that name out loud?) can likely buy himself out of the brig should he happen to make it there in the future.

So ladies, I guess a guy had to go to such lengths as risking life-imprisonment in order to give E.L. James a run for her money. Being that both authors are first time writers, something tells me that they're set for life whether they ever crack open their laptops to write another book again!

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