We all know that Fifty Shades Of Grey has been making headlines worldwide: from a romance novel to a movie on the big screen. It looks like one of the films stars won't be returning. The Boston Herald is reporting Jamie Dornan won't be starring in the sequel Fifty Shades Darker. 

Why in the world wouldn't he star in a movie that is skyrocketing his career? His wife.

The 32-year-old actor appeared as Christian Grey in the film based on the erotic novel by author E.L. James, but is reportedly set to spurn the opportunity to star in a sequel because his actress wife Amelia Warner - with whom has a 15-month-old daughter, Dulcie - is unhappy with him starring in explicit sex scenes."

We can totally see her point...there is a lot of sex scenes in that movie. These reports are coming out after other rumors of director Sam Taylor-Johnson trying to get out of directing the sequels due to several arguments with E.L. James, the books author.


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