Attention all muggles and wannabe wizards: Texas has a Harry Potter Wizarding School. It's in the town of Killeen. The charge is $400 for the chance to immerse yourself in a true Hogwarts experience during the weekend of October 27-29. But, you do have to be 21 or older, because real butter beer is available.

So, how about a Central New York chapter? First thing we'd need is a location. Here are Six CNY Spots That Could Host a Harry Potter Wizarding School (click on each boldfaced title for a glimpse of the possibilities):

The abandoned munitions storage facility (a portion of which is pictured above) on a tiny island in the middle of the Hudson River. Plenty of natural resources here for a Water-Making Spell.

Another abandoned spot deep in the woods of Roscoe, New York, and once inhabited by a family beset by madness, it could provide the perfect backdrop for a Forbidden Forest ritual.

The Mohawk Valley's very own, located in Little Falls. Built in 1860, it currently serves as a restaurant, so the large dining hall from Hogwarts would fit right in.

Once the site of Easter egg hunts and other events, it's no longer open to the public, but maybe actor Adrien Brody, who's owned the charming mansion since 2007, would grant special access.

Canastota's own, it hosts weddings and receptions, and could be rented for just a few Enchanted Coins.

A romantic inn on Seneca Lake (the largest and deepest of the Finger Lakes) in Geneva, New York. It has plenty of grounds for a killer game of Quidditch.

Now that we have potential locales, all we need is a few investors in our CNY Harry Potter Wizarding School and we'd have a spectacular new entertainment concept for the Mohawk Valley. Then, we'd just need students. Who wants to enroll?


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