We're doing it again - another Central New York city as a movie. This time we're focusing on Rome.

So far, we had fun creating our "If the City of Utica Were a Movie, It Would Be..." and our "Village of Ilion Movie," now we want to bring that creative energy to Rome. If Rome were a movie, what movie would it be?

We've taken landmarks, venues, and places around Rome, and put them into already known movie titles to create our "Rome movies." These are our 10 favorites.

1 - Forgetting Woodstock '99

2 - A Night at the Savoy

3 - Get Him to the Capitol Theatre

4 - O Francis Bellamy, Where Art Thou?

5 - Charlie and the Cable Factory

6 - I am From Woodhaven Park

7 - F for Fort Ricky

8 - Wolf of Floyd Ave

9 - James and the Giant Bomber

10 - Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Mohawk Correctional Facility


Do you have any others? If Rome were a movie, what would you call it? Let us know in the 'comments section' at the bottom of this page.



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