The first day of school is always so exciting. We're so happy to see the kids headed back to school for a new year, making new friends and learning new skills. But back-to-school has a dark side.

6 Worst Parts of Back-to-School in CNY

Fundraisers - Cookie dough. Candles. Chocolate. Popcorn. The school year has barely begun and the kids have each brought home some kind of fundraising form. We get it - school activities need a little financial assistance, but how many candles can you ask your co-workers to buy?

Homework Frustrations - Have the homework tears started in your house yet? When the kids are younger, parents can almost start to dread homework time - does anybody understand the new math questions? As the kids get older, they can handle their homework, but you might find yourself running to Walmart at 10pm for a piece of poster board they need for a project due tomorrow.

Crazy Busyness - You've got two kids to pick up from athletic practice, another to drop off at music lessons, dinner to make, a PTA meeting're sure you're forgetting something. Gone are the (relatively) lazy summer days where waffles passed as dinner and there was no where you HAD to be.

Missing the Kids - Admit it: it was a little bit of a relief when the kids got on the bus the first day of school. Now though, the house is a little too quiet and when you get home from work, you have no time to spend with the kids.

Pets are Sad - Back-to-school isn't just tough on you, it's also hard on our furry friends, who are used to having someone home all day. When school is back in session, their all-day cuddling, petting, ball-throwing fun is over.

Friend Drama - Once the kids get back together the friend drama goes up a notch...or ten. It's hard to keep track of who isn't speaking to whom and what parent wants to see their own child shedding a tear over broken friendships or bullying. This is a tough one.

Did we miss anything? What do you think is the worst part of back-to-school?



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