Central New York is amped up about the new professional indoor soccer team coming to Utica's Adirondack Bank Center. The team has a distinctive pedigree (as the successful, relocated Syracuse Silver Knights), cool uniforms, a sweet deal with the Aud, and a nice partnership with the Utica Comets hockey team.

One feature that might be missing is a creative nickname. Utica City Football Club. Yeah, we know, that's the kind of name all the high-powered European teams have--and even some American teams. But here in the U.S., football clubs play in the NFL. So, they could've considered another handle.

Soccer teams and franchises in other sports often forge a powerful brand by trading on something indigenous to the city or area. Here are some ideas for the NEXT Mohawk Valley pro sports franchise:

-Center on a local food favorite, like the Montgomery Biscuits. Suggestion: Utica Riggies (or Rigs, for short).

-Go with a color, like the Cincinnati Reds. Suggestion: Utica Greens (which would work in the Food category as well).

-Key on historical perspective, like the New England Revolution or Chicago Fire. Suggestion: Utica-Rome Barge.

-Embrace the natural beauty of the region, like the Portland Timbers. Suggestion: Adirondack Peaks.

-Hook up with a cool sponsor, like New York Red Bull. Suggestion: Utica Saranacs.

-Utilize regional weather conditions or natural phenomena, like the San Jose Earthquakes or Carolina Hurricanes. Suggestion: MV Blizzard.

-When all else fails, alliterate, like the Baltimore Blast or Columbus Crew. Suggestion: Utica Unicorns.

Feel free to cast some write-in votes.



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