In what's being called the worst accident in Metro-North's history, 6 people were killed when a train, full of commuters, struck a vehicle on the tracks. The crash occurred at 6:30pm Tuesday in Valhalla, shortly after leaving Grand Central station in New York City.

A SUV was stopped on the tracks according to NBC, when the train crashed into it, killing the driver. 5 train passengers were also killed and a dozen more were injured.

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo was on the scene to tour the damage. "This is truly an ugly, brutal sight. The third rail of the track came up from the explosion and went right through the car, so it is truly a devastatingly ugly situation to see,' NBC" target="_blank">he said during a press conference.

Cuomo says crews are still investigating and don't have all the answers yet. "At this early stage, it is premature to point any fingers of blame, but there are many important questions that must be answered in the coming days."

Metro-North has established a family assistance center and a phone hotline at 1-800-METRO-INFO (800-638-7646).

The Harlem line is suspended between Pleasantville and North White Plains. Get details at

In December 2013, 4 people were killed and more than 60 injured when a train derailed along the Hudson River in the Bronx. The train operator fell asleep at the wheel, causing the train to leave the tracks at a turn.


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