Kane Buss had dreams of being a police officer. He was set to graduate college in May and enroll in the police academy. Those dreams were cut short when he was tragically killed in a car crash. To honor his memory, the Oneida City Police Department made him an honorary officer.

Police officers presented Kane's family with a badge, patches and a plaque that read: 'Kane's dedication in pursuing a career in law enforcement was evident by the efforts he put forth in school, the community, ride along with Oneida City Police and by the type of person he was. His desire to help and look out for others are traits that make a good police officer. His passing is a loss not only to his family and friends, but also the community he would have served.'

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Kane's last act of heroism was shielding his girlfriend Amanda Pawlikowski in the crash, which saved her life. Despite her loss, Amanda knew protecting people was part of who Kane was. Her pride was beaming when she shared the news on Facebook.

'You are incredible. I am so unbelievably proud of you. Everything you've done leading up to this point has paid off. You did it baby! You had a job offer lined up and waiting for you after you graduated. Rome Police Department was going to put you through the academy this fall and you were going to accomplish the first step In pursuing your dreams. They sent us your badges and pins today and told us you were at the top of their list. You also had Oneida Police Department waiting anxiously to have you take their test. Syracuse was also interested in having you on their force. All of those would have lead up to your end goal of becoming a State Trooper, I knew you could do this and never doubted you for one second. They all wanted you, my sweet boy, to serve and protect their cities and even our state. We all know how dedicated and hard working you are. We are all beaming with pride. I just wish you were here to experience what you've always dreamt of doing. I am so incredibly proud of you, and so thankful that I have you protecting me. I love you so much bb Hats off to you, Officer Buss, on a job well done.'

Amanda Pawlikowski

Rest in peace Officer Buss!

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