Why not let your cat or dog, or even bird have some fun this Halloween? Here's some great costume ideas - with photos, that you could use this year.

Halloween is right around the corner! Sure, the kids probably have their costumes picked out (or at least have an idea of what they want to do), but you should include your pets in the fun, too.

Besides, is there anything cuter than a puppy dressed up as a kitty? Or vice versa?

Okay, yeah, there are things that are cuter... But you have to admit that IS adorable. Same with these costume ideas:

1. This Super Hero Pup


2. Or Maybe a Cowboy... Dog?


3. A Bumble-Dog


4. Chicken Cat


5. Firefighter Doggy


6. A "Sick Puppy"


7. Or Take the Easy Way Out and Put a Santa Hat on Your Pet



Will you be dressing up your pet this Halloween? Why or why not? Will you be using any of the ideas above? We would love to hear from you - You can always leave us a comment or message on our Lite 98.7 Facebook Page.