It's safe to say we're all learning things about ourselves during the coronavirus. What we're really willing to eat regularly, how much we actually LIKE our co-workers, and what passes for excitement.

This morning, I got REALLY excited about a new pair of sweatpants that I got to wear today. Like...really excited. I jumped out out of bed and practically ran out of the shower to put them on. I'm wearing them right now - and I'm still excited.

Do you find yourself getting excited about strange things during the quarantine? I made a list - tell me if you can relate.

Things Central New Yorkers Get Excited About During the Quarantine

1. The realization that you don't actually need to wear a bra, or underwear, or pants when you're working from home.

2. A video conference with your co-workers who you kind of put up with for years, but now you realize you really miss seeing them every day. (Even Bob in accounting.) Plus, it forces you to look presentable from the waist up.

3. When you discover that extra package of almost expired but not yet chips or cookies in the back of the pantry. Same goes for that hidden Halloween candy you've stumbled upon.

4. The realization that you can cook - and even if you can't - toast and ice cream now pass for dinner.

5. The understanding that at some point, this will end, and the kids will go back to school and you're going to get their teachers the biggest end of the year gift ever. And a Porsche. And a pony, if she wants one.

6. After you've watched McMillions, The Tiger King, and Don't F#&$ with Cats, you're excited to discover you're not even close to the weirdest person on the planet.

7. You can not cook, order in every night and it's a COMMUNITY SERVICE, when before, you were just too lazy to cook.

What are we forgetting??

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