While many of us are working from home, essential workers are often on the front lines, interacting with public - as medical workers, cashiers, and in other key roles - and they've got some advice for the general public.

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7 Things Essential Workers Want You to Know

  1. You may think that were being unsocial but in reality we're trying to keep you safe - as well as ourselves. None of us want to bring (the virus) home to our families.
  2. We know these new rules and the lack of items on shelves is frustrating, but we didn't make any of this happen. A little kindness goes a long way.
  3. Stay home, wear a mask when interacting with us, maintain 6' between us, and please utilize as many online options as possible!
  4. Only go out when necessary. Lottery tickets are not important. Keep us safe too, please.
  5. Remember that many of us are putting our health at risk and not making a lot of money (like minimum wage). Remember that we were out here doing this the next time you think about saying something mean about fast food workers.
  6. We know you're scared. We are too.
  7. We're going to get through this, and hopefully we'll all be better for this shared experience. Stay safe.

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