Can you believe it's almost here?! The 20th annual Brewfest at the Utica Zoo takes place this Saturday! If you're planning on going, there are a few things you should know...

1. Have a Designated Driver: There are tons and tons of different beers, wines, and hard ciders that you'll get the chance to sample. And it's three hours of sampling, which adds up to a lot of alcohol. You'll definitely want someone to get you home safely.

2. No Kids: Seriously, 21-and-up, no excuses. That means your 17-year-old nephew cannot come in just because he's your designated driver. Sorry.

3. Bring a Little Bit of Cash: Not only will you have the chance to wander around sampling delicious adult beverages, but there will be vendors on-site with all sorts of goodies. From homemade candles and soaps to chocolates and treats, you may just find the something you have to have. Plus, it's nice to take a little break from the sampling throughout the night.

4. Don't Forget the Silent Auction: Inside the Utica Zoo's auditorium, there will be a silent auction going on for the duration of the event. From lawn equipment to jewelry to electronics, and everything in between, they really went all out for this year's auction.

5. Stay Hydrated: And I don't mean by getting another beer sample. If you're sampling the entire time, you'll definitely want to make sure you get a water or soda at some point. And maybe some snacks, as well.

6. Don't Be Late: If you're not planning on sampling for the full three hours, that's fine, but you'll probably want to leave early rather than show up late. The first 3,000 people through the gates will get a very special commemorative Utica Zoo pint glass. Also, if you come late, some of the beers you wanted to try may be out. It happens sometimes.

7. Have Fun: Duhhhhh, right?! But seriously. Maybe your favorite brewery couldn't make it out to the event, or your best friend bailed at the last minute. Don't let it put a damper on this fantastic event that helps the zoo SO much. Did you know this is the Utica Zoo's biggest fundraiser of the year? No matter what, you'll have snacks, plenty of drinks to sample, music, and a good atmosphere... What more could you ask for?

Again, Brewfest happens THIS weekend, Saturday August 4th and goes from 6pm to 9pm. Tickets are still available: $40 in advance and $45 at the door (If you're a Utica Zoo Member, tickets are $35 in advance and $40 at the door). Designated driver tickets are available as well, for $25. According to the Utica Zoo, you can get your tickets at:

[The] Utica Zoo Gift Shop, 16 Stone Brewing, Beer Belly Bob’s, Beer Here, Chanatry’s, Copper City Brewery, Fulton Chain Brewery, Gems Along the Mohawk, Marcy Discount Beverage, Saranac Brewery Shop, & Woodland Brewery

You can also get your tickets online by visiting:

We hope to see you out there on Saturday!


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