Are you ready to get your adrenaline pumping with some thrilling cliff-jumping at some great spots that are not far from Utica? Here's your chance.

***WARNING:: Cliff jumping is dangerous. People have died or have been seriously hurt participating in the sport.  Before you jump, verify legality, water depth, and safety, and please use common sense.***

1. Calf's Penn - Lake George - once you get to Lake George, you can make the trek to Calf's Pen. The water is deep and there is a safe place to climb out, according to You'll have to follow a trail to get there.

2. Trenton Falls - Trenton - it's only open for a limited time each year. You can find the annual dates on the Town of Trenton's website. Trenton Falls in on the West Canada Creek, which drops over several falls to form Trenton Falls including, Upper High Falls, Lower High Falls, Village Falls, Cascade of the Alhambra, Sherman Falls, Bridal Veil Falls, and Mill Dam Falls.

3. Furlong Cliffs - Durham, NY - If you're up for a road trip to the Irish town of Durham, prepare yourself for a day full of fun and adventure.

4. Fawn's Leap -  Palenville  - The 40' jump is 24 feet from the top left of the Falls. If you'd rather watch than jump, there's always swimming. Here's more information and directions. 

5. Dunkley Falls/Black Hole - Johnsburg - It's a popular spot in the Adirondacks for cliff jumping, and even has a rope swing downstream. Get more information and directions here. 

6. Christine Falls - Wells - The falls can be heard from the parking lot, which can be accessed via a rocky downhill walk. The falls, close to Speculator in the North Country, is a popular spot for adrenaline junkies. More information and directions here. 

7. Ager's Falls - Lyons - The 18 foot Agers Falls is located on the Moose River in Lewis County, just east of the small hamlet of Lyons Falls. has more information along with directions. 

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