A new survey has some bad news for your Thanksgiving turkey. Actually, for all of your Thanksgiving cooking.

The survey asked 2,000 people about their Thanksgiving 'fails' - all the things that can go wrong while you're preparing for the big feast. The number don't tell a very encouraging story.

If you're preparing Thanksgiving dinner, you can expect at least 6 things to go wrong. The top 6?

  • Not all of the cooking is done on time
  • Not all of the cooking is done at the same time
  • Ran out of wine (this would be a TRAGEDY)
  • Spilled a dish on the floor
  • Forgot an essential ingredient in one dish
  • One or more dish is cold by the time it's served

The most disturbing result of the survey: 76% of respondents say Thanksgiving would be so much more enjoyable if they could eliminate all the cooking from the equation.

Personally, it's the darn turkey that stresses me out the most, because if that goes wrong, there's not enough pie to make up for it.  You lose the sweet potatoes - eh, there's always mashed, but no turkey? That's catastrophic.

What's the most stressful part of Thanksgiving for you?


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