When it comes to what we eat, New Yorkers claim to be the food capital of the world. What foods are actually banned and illegal in New York State?

Stacker put together a fairly long list of foods that we can easily grab off the shelves at any local store that are banned in other countries. Some of them are products that we consume every day.

Did You Know These Are Banned Foods In Different Countries?

Here's some foods from that list that are actually banned in different countries:

1) American Frosted Flakes are banned in Japan and the European Union because of a flavor enhancer called BHT that could be a potential carcinogen. It's illegal to sell products containing BHT in those countries.

2) Gatorade containing Yellow 5 and Yellow 6 is banned in Norway and Austria. In the European Union, they’re not to be served to infants and kids and must carry a warning label advising parents that the dyes could cause adverse effects in kids.

3) Mountain Dew is banned in Japan and the European Union because it contains bromine, the element found in brominated flame retardants, which can build up in the body and potentially lead to memory loss as well as skin and nerve problems.

Those are just two of the almost 30 foods Stacker had on their list. On the flip side, the FDA does have a list of foods and ingredients banned here in New York and throughout the rest of the United States. Some of them are on the list because they pose a legitimate danger to American consumers. Others are banned because the animal they come from is endangered.

Here’s a look at some of those “forbidden foods.”

9 Forbidden Foods That Are Banned In New York State

Due to government regulations, these are foods that are forbidden in most of the United States.

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