Their companies include AOL, Chobani, Kodak, and many famous clothing manufacturers you know and love.

Check out these captains of industry who offer more proof that you don't have to necessarily attend an Ivy League school to make a big-time impact in the business world. Here's an impressive list of 8 Successful Business Tycoons Who Attended SUNY Colleges:

Calvin Klein. The underwear and fashion king (featured picture) attended SUNY's (FIT) Fashion Institute of Technology.

Norma Kamali. Another FIT grad, her Wikipedia entry says she's "best known for the ‘sleeping bag’ coat, garments made from silk parachutes, and versatile multi-use pieces." Plus, she was the first designer to launch an online store on eBay.

Jeff Clark. Born in Ithaca and educated at SUNY Geneseo, he became the CEO of Kodak.

Hamdi Ulukaya. Pictured below, the philanthropic Turkish refugee and founder of Chobani Yogurt is a SUNY Albany graduate.

Hamdi Ulukaya
Photo by Rob Kim/Getty Images

Matt Ouimet. The Cooperstown native and SUNY Binghamton grad has served as president of Starwood Hotels, Disney Cruises and the Disneyland Resort.

Mickey Drexler. The Bronx native studied at SUNY Buffalo, founded Old Navy, and ran J.Crew and The Gap. Not too shabby.

Geraldine MacDonald. She studied at SUNY Binghamton and, according to Wikipedia is "best known for building and operating America Online (AOL) the world's largest dial-up network.“the

Harold Morse. The founder of TV's The Learning Channel (TLC) is a graduate of SUNY Oswego.

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