If I asked you to picture New York’s largest Airbnb, what would you guess? Maybe a sprawling mansion in the Hamptons with 32 bedrooms, two pools, and 15,000 square feet? You’re not even close. In Upstate you can rent an Airbnb bigger even than NYC’s Central Park – and I guarantee it’ll cost you less than any Long Island home.

Nature Lover’s Dream

At 850 acres, Vanderkamp Estate in Oswego County is likely one of the largest Airbnbs in the United States. With that land comes privately maintained and preserved natural beauty. Across the sprawling grounds there are nine miles of trails, old-growth trees, and the whole Vanderkamp Lake, which supposedly has some of the best fishing in New York.

The new owners, who purchased the land for $1.3 million in 2020, are so dedicated to preserving this “eco-resort” that ATVs and snowmobiles are forbidden because they would disturb the natural beauty and ecosystem.

You Can Rent New York's Largest AirBnb For $343

There are currently two options for those wanting to use the 850 acre Vanderkamp Estate: The Frank Soule Lodge and The Boathouse.

The Frank Soule Lodge is named after the original property owner who used the estate as his personal escape from the world of industry. The Airbnb listing includes seven bedrooms for multiple families or lot of friends and has a shuffleboard room, large kitchen, outdoor fire pit, and a private dock. The Lodge is $800 per night.

The real bargain is The Boathouse. 200 feet away from the Lodge, The Boathouse has its own private dock (with personal canoe, it is a boathouse after all), an outdoor fireplace and two bedrooms facing the water. Airbnb lists it as $343 per night.

The 850 acres is shared between Lodge and Boathouse guests, but if you can’t find a place far enough away from other people within the 1.3 square mile grounds you may have more problems than a weekend retreat is going to solve.

Both retreats are pretty solidly booked through the summer, but have good availability in the fall. As you can see by some of the pictures, this place has to be completely spectacular when the leaves change. Definitely something to look into Oswego County for. Check it out!

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